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       About Us

     We were just an average family, living in a house that was too big, worrying over kids and school and living the "American Dream".  Once the kids moved out, my husband and I looked at each other and realized we were not living OUR dream.  We were working to pay for things we didn't even want.  We came home each night exhausted, walking through an empty house and watching mindless TV.  
     We realized we needed to reinvent US for our next chapter and began looking for a place to move.  The task seemed overwhelming.  Through many tears, prayers and arguments we came upon a deserted horse farm on beautiful Lake Hartwell.  We sold our house, our lake house and much of the stuff we thought we needed living in sububia and moved into a 1,500 sq. ft. 1930s farm shack, er, house.  
     Most of our friends thought we'd lost our minds.  One set of friends used the word "adventure" and we took that as our mantra through the mess, the plumbing that didn't work, the holes in the roof and floors so uneven we walked like pirates to our new kitchen that looked like something out of a horror movie. 
     I have been a designer in Atlanta for almost 30 years and saw through it all and my husband, bless his heart, jumped in and saw it with me.  We envisioned what it would be like here if we could just get everything working.  
     Soon our daughter was transferred to our county and we built her an apartment over one of the barns.  One of our friends moved into another little barn apartment and brought 9 horses and 4 dogs along.  We found an old house set for demolition and moved it onto the farm and it's now a cottage for guests and rental.  Our brave builder stayed many nights in another little guest cabin and we became a little commune of sorts for a year, imagining what Spotted Fawn Farm could become.  
     In June we welcomed 9 little orphaned or injured fawns that needed care.  I have a license with the GA DNR and have raised fawns for years.  This year, as a good omen, all survived and can be seen many nights around sunset, grazing near the pastures.  
     In addition to the horses, we have fat sheep, pigs that can be found lounging on porches in the sun, an emu that believes he's a duck and a donkey that brays a sad opera.  In August, we rescued a throwaway dairy calf and he, too, just roams the farm and plays with the dogs.  
     We were asked to host a wedding here and, without any effort, our wedding buisness was launced.  Since then, we have hosted multiple weddings, company parties and events.  It delights us that others feel the magic of our farm and seem to unwind and relax when they drive in the driveway.  We have two cottages for rent for those who want to stay longer, one sleeping 8 and the other 4.  Guests can enjoy the lake, miles of trails through the woods, bring their horses or just sit and watch ours.  We encourage anyone to come up on the "big porch" for a glass of wine, chicken watching and mindless conversation.  Our weekends are full of friends who stop by and just stay. 
     Our mission here is to encourage.  We know what the outside world is like.  We see the souls of both four footed creatures as well as two who are rushed, exhausted and weary and want Spotted Fawn Farm to be a place that brings peace.